Monday, 27 June 2011

With a tuppence for paper and string

Well, perhaps a little more than tuppence. We bought this little pocket kite for Lily from Tesco for about £3 and she loves to fly it. It is a jumped up version of a carrier bag on a string and as such it is very easy to fly, which suits our independent little miss very well as she prefers to do things without help. That being said, I have to say that she does a really good job keeping it flying.

Saturday was not a particularly summery day. It was windy, overcast and threatening showers (on second thoughts, it was a typical British summer's day!) It was, however, perfect weather for kite flying, so off we went to a nearby field to let Lily fly her little kite. You can see from her face in the bottom two pictures that she takes it all very seriously!

These photos were all taken by Mark with his phone.

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Fi said...

I love the bottom shot, she looks like a real pro there.