Sunday, 19 June 2011

Father's day on the farm

To celebrate Father's Day we took a trip out to Wheelock Farm near Sandbach. It is a lovely place to pass a couple of hours, with a great play park and some farm animals that the children can pet. I was particularly taken with the calves, who looked to be very young indeed and were so soft. I also enjoyed the pigs, among whom were the amusingly named Banger, Rasher and Bacon. We haven't been here for a while, but we vowed to come back again soon as the Podlings had such a lovely time.

Tom got a little over enthusiastic with the steering wheel at one point and nearly wrenched Emma off the seat. Luckily Mark was right there to catch her!

Emma and Lily making friends with a goat. Emma kept trying to feed it tiny grains of animal food she found on the floor.

These calves were ADORABLE!

Emma thought the calves were great until one of them started making noise. 'Moo' is less amusing when actually said by a cow apparently!

Celebrating Father's Day with a very special Daddy.

 Lily loved the death slide and couldn't get enough of it. Luckily the park was quiet enough that she had it to herself.

My sweet boy!

Tom was very proud of his balancing feat as this beam was loose and wobbled as he walked. He asked me to photograph him and put it on the blog. I love it that the Podlings want me to document their achievements on the blog!

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