Friday, 24 June 2011

Foto Friday - Hands

This week I am participating in Foto Friday, hosted by Rebecca at Renaissance. I've been wanting to take part since she started this weekly challenge, but somehow I have never found the time. I didn't really find the time this week either, I just happened to take a photo that fits in with her challenge for the week, 'Hands'. I took this photo of Emma eating an apple on our walk this morning. I love the way she is grabbing it so tightly with one hand that her fingertips are going white, yet she is supporting it so daintily on the thumb and finger of her other hand.

Technically, it is not a good photo, merely a snapshot taken on a walk. I like it though. I daresay it would be a nicer picture if the little love had clean fingernails, but that's walks in the country for you. She likes to pick flowers and play in the dirt as much as the next baby!


Terri said...

Welcome to Foto Friday! I love that photo. Chubby little hands make the best pictures. :-)

Barb said...

This picture is so cute. She is intent on eating her apple.

...they call me mommy... said...

Looks like a good photo to me! ADORABLE! Especially her opening her mouth wide for a big bite!! :) So cool to have you as apart of Foto Friday! :)

Jennifer said...

What an adorable picture. Such a cutie working hard on eating her apple :)

Rebecca said...

So glad to see you participated! Remember! It doesn't have to be a challenge photo, I just add a challenge because people asked me to~ any favorite of the week will do. :-)