Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Tom's owl homework

Tom was really enjoying his homework with Daddy this evening.  It is usually hard to get him to engage with his homework, basically because he is a very bright little boy and he finds it all rather too easy. This week's homework was about owls and since he was learning something new, he was really interested in it. He liked the picture of the owls so much he asked me to "take a picture and put it on the blog so we can always look at it" I did!

The photos are not the best quality I'm afraid, but they do show Tom's new haircut. He was getting rather desperate again so I took the scissors to him this afternoon and he looks like a little boy again!


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Lainey said...

"...put the picture on the blog.."

We are definately in the technology era. Long gone are the days of requests to "put the picture on the fridge."

We received Lily's thank you picture - thanks!