My name is Paula and I am a stay at home mum to my four children Tom (10 years), Elizabeth (who we call Lily, 9 years), Emma (6 years) and little Alexander (1 year), collectively known as The Podlings. I have been happily married to Mark for 12 years and we have had some great adventures together. We both love to travel, but Mark is the spontaneous one who will just look at a map, get in the car and drive. He has a real talent for finding beautiful countryside to visit and we have been to some wonderful places thanks to him.

My favourite people

I have a real passion for the British countryside and love to get the Podlings outside in it as much as possible. With four children and one income, we keep the costs of our adventures as low as possible. I'm a firm believer that it doesn't cost a lot to make some great memories together. Most of our family outings involve a Thermos, a picnic and time in the countryside. We are also members of both the National Trust and English Heritage, which is great value for money for our family of six. For less than the cost of one trip to an amusement park we can visit hundreds of properties across the country as many times as we wish and expose the children to some history and culture at the same time!

When we are not out and about, we love to read. We are big readers here and love books (we have more books than we have shelves to house them!) We also love to indulge in lots of arts and crafts and we love baking (and eating the results!) My previous life as a scientist will also occasionally break out in our home activities. Above all, I love to spend time with my family. Children grow up incredibly quickly and I am determined to enjoy every precious moment of their childhood and, because my memory isn't what it once was, record it all here.

Thanks for reading!