Sunday, 30 June 2013

Picnic in the Meadow

There is a beautiful meadow at the end of one of our walks in Biddulph Grange Country Park that I have always wanted to picnic in. It is a picture-perfect picnic spot, full of buttercups and lovely trees to sit under. Mark suggested we take our lunch there today, so we threw some things in our hamper, filled up the Thermos and off we went. The Podlings were slightly put off when we arrived to find a couple of cows grazing in the meadow. However, they were a long way off and not remotely interested in us, so we were able to persuade the children that the cows would not, in fact, come and try to eat our picnic!

We had a lovely picnic and the slight fear of the cows meant that the Podlings actually stayed on the blanket and ate a decent lunch before getting up to play! Probably not the best place to picnic for hayfever sufferers though. Mark's eyes were quite a shocking shade of red when we got home, poor thing!

 Me in my dream picnic meadow!


Saturday, 29 June 2013

Walking in The Roaches

Today we enjoyed a fabulous walk in The Roaches, a prominent rocky ridge in the Peak District. More of a hike than a walk this one, but the Podlings did really well and thoroughly enjoyed it. The effort of the steep climb was more than rewarded by the fabulous views across Staffordshire. This beautiful countryside is a mere 30 minutes drive from where we live. We are incredibly fortunate.

After our walk, we drove down to Tittesworth reservoir and enjoyed a picnic in the lovely children's playground. The Podlings were too busy having fun to eat much, but they certainly had a great time. We were eventually driven out by the gnats at about 8.45pm. The Podlings should sleep well tonight!

My favourite people!

A steep hike up the hill. 

You can see why the area is popular with rock climbers! Tom is dwarfed by the massive rock formations. 

A fabulous view down to Tittesworth Reservoir 

It was lovely and peaceful on the ridge. Tom told me he wanted to live there. My boy loves peace and quiet. 


Friday, 28 June 2013

Emma in the Rain

The summer term is nearing its end and I am painfully aware that these are the last few weeks of my special time with Emma. Emma turns four at the end of July, which means she will be starting school in September (much too young in my opinion, but that's the law!) I am getting terribly nostalgic over the little things we do together that we won't be doing after September. Little things like walking home together after dropping Tom and Lily at school.

It was pouring with rain today (typical British summertime!), so I knew Emma would want to jump in puddles on the way home. I slipped my camera in my raincoat pocket and captured some precious moments as we enjoyed our morning walk home in the rain. I am going to miss my beautiful girl so much in September. This girl lights up my day!

I love this photo because it will remind me of how she spoke when she was three. Emma has a slight and rather adorable lisp and you can see it here as she says 'Cheese!' (or 'cheeth'.) I know they have to learn to talk properly eventually, but I love their adorable baby voices.


Sunday, 23 June 2013

Remember me?

Maybe she fell down this hole...

I'm back! After six weeks without a broadband connection I can finally update my blog again. I have to say that I found the break from the Internet quite refreshing, but I did miss my little blog. We have now switched broadband providers and this new connection seems much faster, which should make it much easier to upload the huge backlog of photos I have accumulated during my blogging break. In the interests of continuity, I am going to backdate the posts so they appear around the time the events happened. I shall now continue to update the blog as usual, but please check regularly for backdated posts as I plan to 'fill in the gaps' as and when I find the time. I'm so glad to be back!