Saturday, 29 June 2013

Walking in The Roaches

Today we enjoyed a fabulous walk in The Roaches, a prominent rocky ridge in the Peak District. More of a hike than a walk this one, but the Podlings did really well and thoroughly enjoyed it. The effort of the steep climb was more than rewarded by the fabulous views across Staffordshire. This beautiful countryside is a mere 30 minutes drive from where we live. We are incredibly fortunate.

After our walk, we drove down to Tittesworth reservoir and enjoyed a picnic in the lovely children's playground. The Podlings were too busy having fun to eat much, but they certainly had a great time. We were eventually driven out by the gnats at about 8.45pm. The Podlings should sleep well tonight!

My favourite people!

A steep hike up the hill. 

You can see why the area is popular with rock climbers! Tom is dwarfed by the massive rock formations. 

A fabulous view down to Tittesworth Reservoir 

It was lovely and peaceful on the ridge. Tom told me he wanted to live there. My boy loves peace and quiet. 


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