Friday, 27 June 2014

Six Weeks old

Alexander is now six weeks old and now has more alert periods during the day. He still sleeps a lot though, which is quite helpful! He weighed in at 10 lbs 1 oz this morning, so is still gaining weight nicely, though not at the astonishing rate he achieved last week!
In other developments, Alex now loves his bath. He has gone from absolutely hating it, to it being the highlight of his day! The other Podlings love to watch him have his bath and also like to take it in turns sharing a bath with him. The girls in particular are rather interested in his little boy parts and keep telling me how cute they are! I'm sure Alex will be thrilled by this little tidbit of information when he is grown up!


Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Clocaenog Forest

Last Saturday we took advantage of the glorious summer weather and headed to North Wales. We enjoyed a picnic with delightful scenic views over the hills and then went for a walk in the woods. It was a rather gentle and quite short circular walk, which is quite useful when you are carting your five week old baby in the sling. The walk was lined with beautiful wildflowers and I was quite delighted with it all. It was a lovely afternoon with my favourite people. I absolutely love the fact that thanks to my wonderful Baby Bjorn sling we are still able to get out and enjoy our normal excursions. Alex is just fitting right in!

On the way home we needed to stop to feed Alex, so Mark parked up on Horseshoe Pass. Emma stayed in the car with Alex and me, but Mark, Tom and Lily enjoyed a hike up the hill. They had hoped to get near the top, but apparently every time they thought they were there another summit appeared! Eventually they gave up and came back to the car, much refreshed from their breezy ascent!

All in all an absolutely wonderful trip. I love my family time!

Ready for the off!

The view from our picnic

Mark brought the mini-fridge on our picnic. What can I say to that!


Me and my brood, with the baby sling that makes these walks possible. I love that sling so much! It is so comfortable to wear and Alex just sleeps the whole time he is in it.
Heading off for a walk in Horseshoe Pass

Not a bad view to enjoy whilst feeding the baby!

Saturday, 21 June 2014

5 Weeks Old

Alexander is now five (almost six) weeks old and I can't believe how quickly those few weeks have passed. He now weighs 9 lb 15 ozs, which is pretty good going for a little boy! He has gained 11 ozs in the last week alone.

He started to develop a nasty bout of infantile eczema from about two weeks old, which peaked last weekend. The poor boy had it all over his face and was most unhappy about it. As an eczema sufferer myself I know what it feels like and my heart was breaking for him. I seem to have brought it under control in this past week with a regular moisturising regime and his face is almost clear now. Most importantly, it clearly isn't bothering him any more.

Alex has suffered a bit with wind from a couple of weeks old. We've been able to manage it by giving him Infacol before each feed (which he loves) and his instances of gripe are much fewer now. He still has a bit of a fussy time in the evenings, but it is much improved.

Alex is basically a very easy baby. He sleeps very well at night, waking only once and then going straight back to sleep after his feed. He then feeds again about six, but treats it like a night feed! He is as good as gold all day and still sleeps a lot. He loves cuddles, which suits me just fine as I love cuddling him!

He is absolutely gorgeous and I am completely, utterly in love with him!


Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Just because...

A lovely photo of Lily and Alex, just because!

Friday, 13 June 2014


Thank you for my Superbaby romper Uncle Ryan and Auntie Carrie!

Thursday, 12 June 2014

The Latest Thing!

Everyone who is anyone is making loom bracelets at the moment. It's the latest craze at school and all the cool kids are doing it! Not wanting my small people to feel left out I splashed out £1.49 on a pack of the tiny rubber bands and hooks required to make these fabulous items. Lily quickly got the hang of it and is now making loom bracelets for anyone with a wrist. She has even made a tiny one for Alex!

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Brotherly Love

My beautiful boys
I think it's fair to say that Tom adores his baby brother. He tells me that he loves Alex more than anything else in the world and that he always wants to be with him. He has a photo of Alex that he keeps on his bed and he really wants to share a bedroom with him, though I've tried pointing out that he wouldn't enjoy it very much at the moment Seeing my firstborn son holding his tiny baby brother is a little strange as it doesn't seem like five minutes ago that Tom was an even tinier newborn. Tempus fugit!
Tom loves babies and really wants Alex to stay little. He made me laugh the other day when he said to me in all seriousness, "Can you have another baby each time one turns into a kid?". Much as I adore babies, one has to stop somewhere!

Sunday, 1 June 2014

Feeding the Baby

Lily loves to help out with Alexander and was thrilled when I let her give him his bottle. Lily has been genuinely helpful with Alex and often runs to fetch things for me, or pops his dummy in when he is crying. She really loves her baby brother and has a genuine desire to be helpful. I'm very proud of my little girl.