Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Clocaenog Forest

Last Saturday we took advantage of the glorious summer weather and headed to North Wales. We enjoyed a picnic with delightful scenic views over the hills and then went for a walk in the woods. It was a rather gentle and quite short circular walk, which is quite useful when you are carting your five week old baby in the sling. The walk was lined with beautiful wildflowers and I was quite delighted with it all. It was a lovely afternoon with my favourite people. I absolutely love the fact that thanks to my wonderful Baby Bjorn sling we are still able to get out and enjoy our normal excursions. Alex is just fitting right in!

On the way home we needed to stop to feed Alex, so Mark parked up on Horseshoe Pass. Emma stayed in the car with Alex and me, but Mark, Tom and Lily enjoyed a hike up the hill. They had hoped to get near the top, but apparently every time they thought they were there another summit appeared! Eventually they gave up and came back to the car, much refreshed from their breezy ascent!

All in all an absolutely wonderful trip. I love my family time!

Ready for the off!

The view from our picnic

Mark brought the mini-fridge on our picnic. What can I say to that!


Me and my brood, with the baby sling that makes these walks possible. I love that sling so much! It is so comfortable to wear and Alex just sleeps the whole time he is in it.
Heading off for a walk in Horseshoe Pass

Not a bad view to enjoy whilst feeding the baby!

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Lainey said...

Baby slings are excellent inventions! They stop you becoming house-locked with a newborn. Plus, if you buy a raincoat a couple of sizes too big you can still get out with them in the rain.