Saturday, 21 June 2014

5 Weeks Old

Alexander is now five (almost six) weeks old and I can't believe how quickly those few weeks have passed. He now weighs 9 lb 15 ozs, which is pretty good going for a little boy! He has gained 11 ozs in the last week alone.

He started to develop a nasty bout of infantile eczema from about two weeks old, which peaked last weekend. The poor boy had it all over his face and was most unhappy about it. As an eczema sufferer myself I know what it feels like and my heart was breaking for him. I seem to have brought it under control in this past week with a regular moisturising regime and his face is almost clear now. Most importantly, it clearly isn't bothering him any more.

Alex has suffered a bit with wind from a couple of weeks old. We've been able to manage it by giving him Infacol before each feed (which he loves) and his instances of gripe are much fewer now. He still has a bit of a fussy time in the evenings, but it is much improved.

Alex is basically a very easy baby. He sleeps very well at night, waking only once and then going straight back to sleep after his feed. He then feeds again about six, but treats it like a night feed! He is as good as gold all day and still sleeps a lot. He loves cuddles, which suits me just fine as I love cuddling him!

He is absolutely gorgeous and I am completely, utterly in love with him!



Lainey said...

Good hear Alex's skin and wind is improving.
Rowan loved his sleep when he was little(r) too. It makes such a difference when you get a decent chunk of sleep!

Anonymous said...

he is beautiful. Mum xxxx