Friday, 29 May 2015

Lily's First Sewing Lesson

My Mum and Dad gave Lily a real sewing machine for her birthday and Lily was over the moon with it. My Mum is a talented seamstress who taught herself to sew when I was a baby. The first thing she ever made was a little baby coat for me and when she finished it she thought it would look better with a lining. So she made a lining, just like that, with no previous sewing experience! This lady is a natural with a sewing machine! She made many clothes for my sister and me when we were little and has made many special outfits for us over the years, including the beautiful bridesmaid's dress that Lily wore at my sister's wedding. She taught me how to sew and it was wonderful to watch her giving Lily her first lesson on her first sewing machine. Lily took to it very well and already has very good control. She was soon well away making little pillows for her toys. It was very moving watching my mother teaching my daughter something that, I hope, will be a lifelong hobby for all of us.

Sweet Emma

Just a few pictures I snapped of Emma in the garden.
Love this girl so much!

Thursday, 28 May 2015

Lily's Woodland Birthday Tea

We had a little woodland themed party tea for Lily's birthday. I loved making her birthday cake, which I decorated with chocolate, woodland Schleich animals and sugar flowers. Lily wanted Emma to decorate the fairy cakes for the party because she knows how much Emma enjoys it. The party decorations were easy to put together from things I had around the house and Lily enjoyed helping to decorate the table.  Both sets of grandparents were able to join us for Lily's birthday and she had a lovely day. She didn't want it to end!

Lily's homemade woodland birthday cake


Wednesday, 27 May 2015

The Birthday Girl

My beautiful girl enjoying her ninth birthday. Love her!

Lily's favourite present was a nail art set from my sister. She loves it!

Lily wanted me to take a picture of her Lily of the Valley fairy. 

A very happy little girl sorting through her collections of mini figures

Lily is Nine

Dearest Elizabeth, how can you be nine! Surely it can't have been nine years ago that you arrived in the world to brighten our lives with your smile. You are doing so well at school and it has been wonderful to watch you growing in confidence with your work. You are a wonderful big sister to Emma and Alex and you are such a big help to Mummy at home. We are so very proud of the young lady you are becoming.

Happy 9th Birthday Lily!
We love you very much.


Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Picnicking by Buttermere


After our walk through Whinlatter forest, we stopped for a picnic next to Buttermere. The Podlings had a wonderful time running about on the grass and Alex loved being free to roam. My little outdoor boy! After our picnic we finished off our weekend in the lakes with a visit to the woodland play area at Wray Castle where I uncharacteristically didn't take any photos. Sometimes you just have to put the camera away and go and have fun! We had the most amazing weekend and I am so grateful that we were able to get away and have this time together.

Not a bad spot for a picnic!

Off to seek his fortune in the big, wide world.

We pack a lot in to our trips away. I think we wore him out!

We take a stroll through the deep, dark wood...

On the second day of our visit to the Lake District we went to Whinlatter Forest, which Mark particularly wanted to visit. We were rather surprised by the huge number of people who were there at the same time as us, but it is obviously a very popular place and it was a bank holiday Monday.

The Podlings were rather excited to learn that there was a Superworm trail through the forest. We love Julia Donaldson and although Superworm isn't one of my favourites of her books the girls love it. Before we started the trail, Lily read the storybook aloud and then we followed the trail through the forest. It wasn't the best trail we have ever followed and in fact we ended up leaving the Superworm trail in order to follow the Gruffalo trail instead. We love the Gruffalo and it has long been one of our favourite picture books. We know the story inside out and backwards, so it was fun to recite lines from it as we came across each of the characters in the book. At the end of the trail a strange creature was hiding in the woods. His eyes were orange, his tongue was black, he had purple prickles all over his was the Gruffalo! How thrilling! 

"A mouse took a stroll through the deep, dark wood..."

"A fox saw the mouse, and the mouse looked good."

"...his favourite food is owl ice cream."

"Scrambled snake! It's time I hid! Goodbye little mouse," and away Snake slid.

"Oh Help! Oh No! It's a Gruffalo!"

Post Picnic Pictures

A few photos I snapped after an evening picnic next to Windermere. 

"Don't go deeper than your wellies.", I said!

Sizergh Wild Trail

We decided to take a short trip to the Lake District for the remainder of the bank holiday weekend. We drove up on the Sunday and went straight to Sizergh Castle near Kendal. We were too late to visit the castle, but we embarked on the 'Wild Trail' through the woods. We followed the clues through the woods and had a thoroughly good time. The woods were carpeted with wild garlic and because it was late in the day we had the whole place to ourselves. It was magical! At the end of the trail was a fabulous tree swing and the Podlings had a great time playing on it. We spent quite a while on the swing before heading out the woods and back to the car. The trail was beautifully designed and the Podlings had a great time. We would definitely do it again, and in fact the Podlings liked it so much they kept asking if we could go back the following day!