Friday, 29 May 2015

Lily's First Sewing Lesson

My Mum and Dad gave Lily a real sewing machine for her birthday and Lily was over the moon with it. My Mum is a talented seamstress who taught herself to sew when I was a baby. The first thing she ever made was a little baby coat for me and when she finished it she thought it would look better with a lining. So she made a lining, just like that, with no previous sewing experience! This lady is a natural with a sewing machine! She made many clothes for my sister and me when we were little and has made many special outfits for us over the years, including the beautiful bridesmaid's dress that Lily wore at my sister's wedding. She taught me how to sew and it was wonderful to watch her giving Lily her first lesson on her first sewing machine. Lily took to it very well and already has very good control. She was soon well away making little pillows for her toys. It was very moving watching my mother teaching my daughter something that, I hope, will be a lifelong hobby for all of us.

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