Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Alexander's First Birthday

The birthday boy

Alex and I had a lovely day together on his birthday. We opened a few presents before we took the older Podlings to school and then we came home and had a lovely calm and quiet day together. We played with some of his new toys, saving most of his presents for when his siblings got home. We had a little birthday party for him at tea time and then he had a lovely long bath with Emma and a good play with some of the new bath toys he got for his birthday. He went to bed with a pillow for the first time and he really loved it, snuggling down with his dummy and muslin, drifting off into a peaceful sleep. It was such a calm and peaceful day, a perfect day for a one year old, and I treasure the memories of our special day together.  

I decorated his pram with a big badge so everyone knew it was his special day

With some of his presents


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