Tuesday, 26 May 2015

A Rather Splendid Saturday

Mark's mum and dad came round for a visit on Saturday and since the weather was so lovely we filled the Thermos (naturally!), packed a few biscuits and went to Greenway Bank Country Park to enjoy some late spring sunshine. We enjoyed blowing a great many dandelion clocks and the Podlings had a lovely time in the play park. Even Alex had fun crawling around on the grass.

On the way home, we called into Sainsbury's and stocked up on European meats and cheeses for our annual Eurovision night. It has long been a tradition for Mark and me that on the night of the Eurovision song contest we have a spread of foods representing countries across Europe which we enjoy whilst we watch the show. A sort of low key Eurovision party! The Podlings have joined us for the past couple of years and this evening Mark's parents joined us too, although the girls were too tired to make it to the end of the singing this year (they always go to bed before the voting, which takes forever!) I have to say that the contest was a bit bland this year, but the winner (Sweden) deserved to win on the basis of their fantastic staging. None of the songs really stood out for me and I think our song deserved to score much higher than it did. We always enjoy Eurovision though.

All in all, a rather splendid Saturday!

Love this girl!

I love how Alexander is trying to stuff an entire ginger nut in his mouth!

Emma and I duelling with dandelion clocks. I'm not sure what the rules of this game were, but I lost every time!

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