Friday, 15 May 2015

Alexander's Peter Rabbit Birthday Tea

I wanted to keep Alexander's birthday fairly simple. He is only one and I didn't want to overwhelm him! A sweet and simple Peter Rabbit themed tea seemed perfect for him. He has a Beatrix Potter themed nursery, so I borrowed a few things from there to decorate the dining room. The bunting on the mantelpiece I made with my trusty printer, scissors and glue. The bunting flags come from Hobbycraft and you just decorate them how you please. I've used these a lot already and I love how simple it is to personalise family celebrations with them. The birthday cake is our family favourite, a Victoria sponge with buttercream and raspberry jam filling. It is decorated with sugar daisies and a Border Fine Arts Peter Rabbit ornament that is now decorating Alex's nursery. I also made little rabbit shaped Shrewsbury biscuits which went down a treat. It was just the six of us for Alex's birthday tea and it was a perfect celebration of our sweet one year old boy. Such a lovely day!

Alex's sweet birthday cake. I really loved how it turned out.

From Alex's nursery

The knitted Peter Rabbit was one of Alexander's birthday gifts and is made by a lady on eBay who knits them from an original 1950s pattern. I really love it!

Homemade bunny biscuits

The birthday tea, featuring a preponderance of Royal Doulton Bunnykins nurseryware which I collect for the children to use. It seemed appropriate to have lots of bunnies bounding across the crockery for a Peter Rabbit themed tea! Naturally there was carrot cake for any rabbits who might be attending (although possibly I just adore carrot cake!)

Waiting to eat

Baby loves Wotsits!

The Podlings loved celebrating their baby brother's birthday. I love how much they adore him.


Catherine said...

This turned out lovely!

Paula said...

Thank you!