Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Duck, Duck, Goose!

After walking through the bluebell woods, we continued our walk to Knypersley Reservoir where Lily and Emma fed the geese and ducks. They were a little intimidated by the geese and Lily ended up standing on a picnic bench to throw food at the birds! We had used up our bread and were just leaving when a pair of Canada geese arrived ushering a little brood of goslings in front of them. We fell in love! They were the cutest, fluffiest little things and the girls were entranced! We finally left the goslings and the Podlings had a little play in the park before we came home. It was a truly wonderful afternoon. We were only missing Tom, who was at his first Cub camp for the weekend. I'm sure he would have loved the goslings.

This grey lag goose was our favourite. He was so friendly and much gentler than the other geese.

Adorable goslings

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