Tuesday, 26 May 2015

We take a stroll through the deep, dark wood...

On the second day of our visit to the Lake District we went to Whinlatter Forest, which Mark particularly wanted to visit. We were rather surprised by the huge number of people who were there at the same time as us, but it is obviously a very popular place and it was a bank holiday Monday.

The Podlings were rather excited to learn that there was a Superworm trail through the forest. We love Julia Donaldson and although Superworm isn't one of my favourites of her books the girls love it. Before we started the trail, Lily read the storybook aloud and then we followed the trail through the forest. It wasn't the best trail we have ever followed and in fact we ended up leaving the Superworm trail in order to follow the Gruffalo trail instead. We love the Gruffalo and it has long been one of our favourite picture books. We know the story inside out and backwards, so it was fun to recite lines from it as we came across each of the characters in the book. At the end of the trail a strange creature was hiding in the woods. His eyes were orange, his tongue was black, he had purple prickles all over his was the Gruffalo! How thrilling! 

"A mouse took a stroll through the deep, dark wood..."

"A fox saw the mouse, and the mouse looked good."

"...his favourite food is owl ice cream."

"Scrambled snake! It's time I hid! Goodbye little mouse," and away Snake slid.

"Oh Help! Oh No! It's a Gruffalo!"

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