Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Brotherly Love

My beautiful boys
I think it's fair to say that Tom adores his baby brother. He tells me that he loves Alex more than anything else in the world and that he always wants to be with him. He has a photo of Alex that he keeps on his bed and he really wants to share a bedroom with him, though I've tried pointing out that he wouldn't enjoy it very much at the moment Seeing my firstborn son holding his tiny baby brother is a little strange as it doesn't seem like five minutes ago that Tom was an even tinier newborn. Tempus fugit!
Tom loves babies and really wants Alex to stay little. He made me laugh the other day when he said to me in all seriousness, "Can you have another baby each time one turns into a kid?". Much as I adore babies, one has to stop somewhere!

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Lainey said...

That's a lovely photo of your two sons :)