Monday, 27 June 2011

Caps, Caps for Sale...

...50 cents a cap!

Mark is a man who won't go anywhere without a hat. However, he always likes to make sure his hat fits the occasion and weather conditions. He couldn't decide which of his summer hats to wear on Sunday, so he took the 'why decide?' approach and wore all three to the car! There's a straw trilby, a Sussex cricket hat and a Brighton and Hove Albion baseball cap up there!

The title is a reference to the book 'Caps for Sale' by Esphyr Slobodkina, an excellent tale that the Podlings then insisted we had for our bedtime story after seeing Daddy with all his hats piled up like the peddler in the story.
Edited to add: Mark has asked me to point out that he does own more than three summer hats (as if somehow owning only three is something to be ashamed of!)


Fi said...

He has clearly branched out, it was the cricket hat only back in his student days!

Lainey said...