Monday, 27 June 2011

A Sunny Sunday

The Staffordshire moors, viewed from Tittesworth

It was very sunny yesterday, so we drove out to Tittesworth Reservoir near Leek, which has a wonderful play park. Lily was keen to play in the sandpit, so we duly packed the buckets and spades and the obligatory picnic. I didn't take any pictures in the park because, to be honest, I was too oppressed by the heat to even think about taking the camera out of my bag. The Podlings had a great time, but it was too hot for me!

We cut the play a little short because of the sun and adjourned to the shade of the trees for our picnic. We enjoyed tea and cakes under the cooling canopy of leaves and then drove home across country to enjoy a barbecue tea in the back garden. We finished the day off with a special treat for Tom and Lily. We laid out a quilt on the grass in the front garden, took their supper outside and read them their bedtime story in the garden. A lovely end to a lovely family Sunday.

 This is a girl who knows how to pose in front of the camera!

 I'm not entirely sure what Tom is doing here!

'I do not wish to have my photograph taken thank you!'

Slightly out of focus, but I like the picture. It's not often I see a photo of myself these days that doesn't make me notice every pound I've put on since having Emma!


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Fi said...

I know what you mean about not often being the subject of a photo - I am usually the one behind the camera too.

And you look fine, doubly so given you're a mother of three!