Tuesday, 14 June 2011

First fruit

Lily showing off our first homegrown cucumber

This year we have been trying our hand at growing vegetables. It started out as a 'this would be a good thing for the Podlings' activity, but Mark and I have found ourselves getting quite excited about the whole thing. Initially, we just planted some tomato seeds, but have since widened our horizons and are also growing cucumbers, peppers, peas, potatoes, sugar snap peas, rocket, radishes, pumpkin, squash, runner beans, blackberries and strawberries. Oh, and cress...does cress count? I also have many varieties of flower seeds strewn at various points in the garden, because you can never have too many flowers.

We seem to be having phenomenal success getting the seeds to germinate and at one point we had 12 cherry tomato plants and 23 normal tomato plants, though we have since given some of these away. Our conservatory has become a makeshift greenhouse and every time I open the door the smell reminds me so much of my grandfather's greenhouse. It makes me very nostalgic!

Lily couldn't wait to wash our cucumber and polished it to a high shine before I sliced it.

This afternoon we had the excitement of harvesting our first cucumber. Tom declined to be photographed with the fruit, but he had no problem consuming vast quantities of it with his tea. With the exception of Mark, we all love cucumber, so this little guy didn't last long. Hopefully we won't have long to wait for another one to be ready for picking. It's all very exciting!

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