Friday, 3 June 2011

Staying cool in the pool

Lily was keen to make the most of the hot weather and asked to have the paddling pool out today. I was happy to oblige, particularly as it gave me the chance to put the girls in their matching swimming costumes for the first time. I adore matching sister outfits and Emma is just coming into a size that makes it possible for me to indulge occasionally and put her and Lily in cute matching attire.

Lily loved the pool and Emma is a complete water baby, so despite shivering with cold she wouldn't get out for love nor money. They had another session in the pool after tea and Emma screamed blue murder when I brought her inside to get her ready for bed. The weather is supposed to be nice again tomorrow, so I daresay they will be back in again tomorrow.

Tom was too cool for the pool, or more accurately, the pool was too cool for Tom. Tom hates being cold and wouldn't entertain the idea of putting anything more than his hands in the pool. Hence, no photos of the boy child!

Lily pretending to be a mermaid


Looking adorable in their matching swimming costumes 

My lovely girls!

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