Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Lily's 5th Birthday

Lily turned five last week and we celebrated with a hearts, flowers and butterflies party (Lily was very specific!). Lily had been counting down to her birthday for weeks, so she was understandably excited on the day! She was less amused at having to go to school on her birthday, despite the large rosette we had given her to wear. I completely agree, everyone should be given their birthday off!

With all that had been going on in the last six weeks, I simply wasn't up to planning a large party. Lily was quite happy to have a little family only affair and I had a lot of fun putting it together without having to worry about hiding the enormous ironing pile in the playroom!

She had a lovely day, though was aghast when, at the end of the day, she asked how long it was until her next birthday and I told her 365 days! Poor thing, a year is a long time when you are five. A year is definitely not as long when you are 34...I can't believe my baby girl is growing up so fast!

The serious business of opening gifts!

The party table.
I cut butterfly, flower and heart shapes from pastel coloured card and strung them together with cotton before suspending them from the lights above the table. I wrapped white tulle around the light fitting to give a cloud affect above the table and it looked rather effective with the butterflies flitting above the party. Extra shapes adorned the walls and there were lots of balloons...its not a party without balloons!

With a flowers, hearts and butterflies theme, lots of fresh flowers were a must. The cotton candy machine was given to us by my sister and it was a big hit at Lily's party. I had great fun making it too!

Lily wanted a pink, heart-shaped cake with flowers and butterflies on it, so I think I ticked all her boxes with this one! The classic Victoria sponge baked in heart-shaped tins, topped with pink chocolate (just use some red food colouring in melted white chocolate, but stir slowly or the chocolate sets too quickly), buttercream and sugar flowers and butterflies. 

 More pastel-coloured sugar butterflies topped the homemade fairy cakes
 The very happy little birthday girl!

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