Saturday, 1 December 2012

Decorating the Tree

Mark bought the Christmas tree on his way home from work yesterday and the Podlings had a lovely time decorating it this afternoon. This was the first year that Emma was fully able to participate in the decorating and she seemed to really enjoy it. Lily always takes particular pleasure in hanging her own special ornaments on the tree and always locates them as soon as we open the decoration boxes. Tom did really well decorating the back of the tree after I explained the need to have decorations all around the tree for balance. He was the only one of the three to listen to me...the girls both put all their ornaments around the front! He's a good boy!

The Podlings did a really good job decorating the tree this year. It's now beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

Lily with her favourite ornament, a little red fairy.

The picture is out of focus, but Lily looked too sweet not to share it anyway.



Catie said...

What a pretty tree! We had fun decorating ours too. :) I love how excited the children get!

Paula said...

They had so much fun, though they did tell me that it was 'the prickliest tree in the world' and Tom suggested that I should have cut the 'spikes' off! The downfall of getting a real tree I suppose :-)

Catie said...

How cute! I'm hoping to get a real one next year. :) Just didn't have the fundage this Christmas. ;o)