Wednesday, 12 December 2012

My Angel Baby

Emma is an angel in her playgroup concert next Tuesday and since our current angel costume is looking a little shabby after four years in the dress-up box, I ordered a new one for Emma. I knew what I wanted and when I saw this one I was beside myself. It is almost exactly what I had in my head. Needless to say I bought it immediately and it arrived today. I tried it on her for size and just melted on the spot! With her waist length blond hair topped with her fluffy halo and the floor length cream gown she looked just angel! I have to confess to getting a little choked up and that was just trying the costume on in the lounge. Goodness knows what state I will be in watching her in the concert next week!

Emma loves the costume, especially the little bells on the skirt that jingle gently when she moves. You will have to forgive a doting mother a picture heavy post. I couldn't decide which of the pictures was my favourite, so I thought "Why choose?" I am melting!


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Anonymous said...

That beautiful angel should be on top of a tree. She looks truly amazing. Love mumxxx