Tuesday, 11 December 2012

The Nativity

I have wanted a Nativity stable for as long as I can remember. I used to gaze longingly at the ones they used to sell in Past Times at Christmas, but the ones I like have always been out of my price range. Finally this year I stumbled across one that I love that wasn't very expensive and my most excellent husband bought it for me. Isn't he wonderful! It looks just like the ones I used to moon over! I have set it up on a low table in the lounge so the Podlings can see it easily. (They are all very good for not touching it. I have never believed in keeping things out of the children's reach, I have simply trained them not to touch things they shouldn't from a young age.)

I think the Nativity set it is an important visual reminder of the reason for the season for the Podlings. In amongst the excitement of school concerts and events, festive crafts, pretty lights and decorations and the anticipation of Christmas morning, I never want the children to forget why we celebrate Christmas. The wonder of that first Christmas in a stable so long ago should always be in the forefront of our minds during the festive season.

I let Emma help me set it up as she was home with me when it arrived. If you see the odd bit of white in the photos it is because Emma starting breaking off bits of the polystyrene packaging and sprinkling it over the scene, telling me it was snowing. Snow in Bethlehem! I think I managed to get most of it off, but a few bits may still remain.

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