Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Emma's Christmas Concert

Emma was in her first Christmas concert this morning and she did really well. She was quite happy on stage to begin with and kept waving happily at Mark and me, but they took so long to get all the children settled that by the time the concert started she was getting a bit fed up and not a little intimidated by the audience.

For the first couple of songs, she kept her arms folded and her lips pouted and gave the audience her best "I'm not going to sing and you can't make me!" look. By the time they got to Whoops-a-Daisy Angel, though, she was joining with both the actions and the singing. She told me afterwards that it was scary and, to be fair, I should think it was pretty intimidating for a group of under-5s to be on stage in front of a large audience. Given that, on the whole, I think she would rather not have done it I think she was very brave and did incredibly well.

Well done Emma, we are very proud of you!

"I'm not going to sing and you can't make me!" She had at least unfolded her arms by this point!

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