Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Christmas Crafting

Each of the Podlings had a freshly baked rock bun (on Christmas china of course!) and printouts for an angel and a Father Christmas decoration

I had a Christmas craft waiting for the Podlings when they got home from school today. We used these simple printouts (you can find them here) to make stand up angel and Father Christmas decorations. Lily was lamenting the paucity of Christmas decorations in her bedroom, so I thought I would give her the opportunity to make some. Emma and I had baked some rock buns earlier in the afternoon (without the fruit since the Podlings prefer them that way), so they were able to tuck into those whilst crafting. Lily was thrilled because she had only asked me to make rock buns earlier this week...she really loves them!

Tom wasn't in the mood to craft this afternoon (though he says he will do them tomorrow), but the girls had a lovely time. First they coloured in the printouts, then they had some fun with the glitter glue. Father Christmas even got some cotton wool trimming to his cloak and hat! I cut them out, since they are a bit fiddly. I also stapled them together at the back since these sorts of things have a tendency to keep coming undone otherwise. They turned out really well and were simple and good fun to make. I know because, given that I have never entirely grown up, I had to make one myself!

I laid everything we would need out before I went to collect Tom and Lily from school, so this was the scene that greeted them in the dining room when they got home.

Emma colouring in her angel

Lily enjoying her rock cake whilst crafting...pretty much an ideal afternoon for Lily!

Emma's little angel

Lily wanted me to photograph her angel with her new Christmas decoration

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Lainey said...

I really like Lily's bird ornament!