Friday, 21 December 2012

Painting Christmas Baubles

The Podlings had fun this afternoon painting their own baubles from kits I bought cheaply a little while back. They got two baubles apiece and they had a lot of fun decorating them. The wait for the paint to dry was somewhat agonising for Emma, who couldn't wait to hang her decoration on the tree!

Touching the tree is a bad move at the moment as it isn't really happy to be alive anymore. If you look at it a bit funny then scores of pine needles leap off the tree and pile up on the carpet beneath! We've always bought low needle drop trees in the past and I can now see that they are well worth the extra money!

Apologies for the washing on the radiator. With Christmas looming I am washing and drying like a mad thing at the moment and many of the radiators are fair game for the non-tumble-dryable thick winter jumpers!


1 comment:

Lainey said...

They are going to have some brilliant memories and keepsakes of their childhood Christmases :)

I wouldn't apologise for the washing; our radiators permanently have clothes horses in front of them in this weather!