Friday, 21 December 2012

Christmas Dresses

Lily's Christmas dress

A sneak peak of the girls' Christmas Day dresses. Buying Christmas dresses for Lily and Emma is something of an annual thrill for me. I have a real weakness for little girls' clothes and I love dressing them in pretty things. They probably both have far too many clothes!

Lily's Christmas dress is in a beautiful heavy red velvet with a dainty cream lace collar. It will be large on her this year, but I was hoping it would do for next year as well. It just screams 'Christmas' to me and I love it! I had originally planned to get Emma a navy blue velvet dress and was bidding on an exquisite navy velvet and cream lace concoction on eBay. Sadly the bidding got out of my price range and I had to sadly let some other lucky person get it. None of the other velvet dresses seemed to quite measure up after that one got away!

I found this pretty white Sarah Louise dress going for a song when I was looking for something else entirely. The embroidered flowers are in reds and golds (the only Christmas colours in my opinion!) and I think it is absolutely beautiful. I had thought at one point that I might put Emma in the dress she wore to her Christmas party the other day (the navy and tartan with gold trim), but I think I will probably go for the white one. What do you think?

Emma's Christmas dress ~ the photo doesn't do it justice.


Anonymous said...

Wow! Got to be the white one. Love mum.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Got to be the white one. Love mum.

Lainey said...

This won't come as a surprise, but I like the tartan one. I have a penchant for all things Scottish, and I think tartan looks good as a Christmas pattern. It reminds me of shortbread!

Does Mum get two votes? ;p

Paula said...

I agree that the tartan one definitely looks more Christmassy (I totally get the shortbread thing!), but I have such a weak spot for Sarah Louise dresses! All that smocking and dainty embroidery, and the skirts are so full...swoon!

Who knows, if Baby P. turns out to be a girl you might be borrowing the tartan one for her in a few years! (Assuming you want to of course, you don't have to!)

If it encourages Mum to comment more, I'll absolutely give her two votes :-)