Friday, 30 November 2012

Rudolph the Reindeer Craft

Emma and I had fun doing this adorable footprint reindeer craft together this morning. I can't claim the credit for the idea as I had seen something similar on Pinterest and was inspired to have a go with Emma. We didn't have any brown paint, so in addition to doing a fun craft, Emma had a lesson in colour mixing!

After the footprint was dry, I added the antlers with green glitter glue and attached a red pom pom nose and googly eyes. I thought it was so cute that we have made one for each set of grandparents and another to turn into a Christmas card for her playgroup teachers. It would be lovely to make these each year and have a record of how her little feet have grown each Christmas.

Learning to make brown. When doing footprint crafts, it is not a bad idea to keep the legs bare. Somehow the paint never seems to just stay on the feet!

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