Saturday, 17 November 2012

Painted Ladies

The Podlings were all invited to the third birthday party of a little friend today. Iona's party was held at a local leisure centre and there was a bouncy castle, lots of balloons, lovely food and lots of friends to play with. Iona's mother ( a very lovely lady) is one of the most organised people I know, so it was a really delightful  party and they had a great time! Lily and Emma were particularly enamoured with the face painting. Lily had hers done first and Emma was basically a bit of a misery guts until she got hers done exactly the same way! Soap and water were enemies today!



Catie said...

Hi! I just found your blog via The Spirited Mind. :)

Your children are adorable! And I love your list of Thirty Three Things. :) I can't believe you love being pregnant, though! HA! I hate it! I love what it brings, though. ;)

Paula said...

Thank you!

I could quite happily skip the morning sickness (ugh!) and first trimester tiredness, but once that goes it's all good :-) As you say, it's all worth it for what it brings.