Thursday, 15 November 2012

Checking in

My poorly Emma bear last Friday.

Oh my, what a fortnight! A lovely visit from my parents, followed by a week long visit from a horrendous stomach virus that took us all down, one by one.

My parents arrived on the 2nd of November and we all went to a fireworks display on Saturday night. Sunday afternoon saw us celebrating the 70th birthday of Mark's mum with family at her home and Monday we celebrated Guy Fawke's Night with Sparklers in the garden. We had a peaceful few days just enjoying my parents being with us before the stomach virus hit.

Emma started the ball rolling when she took ill last Thursday evening, but my parents went home on Saturday and managed to avoid catching it. Sunday morning, Tom and Lily woke up within half and hour of each of other vomiting and were ill for two days. Monday morning I woke and I just knew it was my turn! Oh my goodness, I haven't felt that ill in a long time! I was in bed for two days and I still don't feel right. Thank goodness Mark was able to stay home from work to look after the Podlings, because I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have been able to. I nearly passed out twice just because I tried to stand up. Fun! Mark then started to go down with it on Tuesday and was ill all day yesterday. It has not been a good week!

Half term, followed by my parents' visit, followed by a week of illness now means my house looks like a bomb has hit it and I am so behind with the ironing it is unreal! It is going to take a while to get my house back in order, so blogging is likely to take a bit of a back seat until I do. I don't function well in chaos, so I need to deal with it before I go nuts! Suffice to say we are all well (finally) and I will update when I can. Life goes on, I just may not be blogging about it quite as much!

Tom with a sparkler in the garden on Guy Fawke's Night

Emma and Molly 'hanging out' after playgroup one morning

I love this photo of Emma and my dad. Grandad became Emma's number one favourite playmate during his visit. She wanted him to play with her all the time. "Come on Gwangwad, let's play!" became a familiar refrain around our home that week. During a late lunch of pie and chips one day, Emma insisted on sitting next to grandad, who was eating in the lounge. Such a sweet moment.

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