Friday, 16 November 2012

Children in Need

Today was Children in Need, so Tom and Lily were supposed to go to school in their pyjamas to raise money for the cause. Tom wasn't too thrilled with the idea to begin with, but warmed to it when he realised that everyone else would also be in pyjamas. He looked so sweet going off to school wearing the new rocket pyjamas he got for his birthday under his smart duffle coat! Friday afternoon means privilege time at Tom's school, so he chose to bring two of his favourite soft toys to play with today. It sounds like he had a great day and there was certainly much merriment amongst the children coming out of school.

Lily, the poor little mite, was so looking forward to wearing her nightdress to school. Sadly, I spoke too soon when I said we were all well as she woke up at midnight last night and I was up with her for much of the night with a recurrence of the stomach bug. A sadly disappointed little girl had to stay home today, but I did let her wear her nightdress up to school when we went to collect Tom so she didn't feel left out. Hopefully that really will be the last of the virus. We are so fed up with germs now!

Lily showing us what she would have worn to school today, had she not been home sick. At least she got to wear it to pick her brother up from school.

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