Saturday, 9 June 2012

Wedding bells

Ladies and gentlemen...the bride and groom!  Photo Credit: Keith Avard

It was with great excitement that we celebrated the wedding of Mark's younger brother Greg last Saturday. Greg and Kelly are such a wonderful couple and we have all been looking forward to their happy day. Kelly is a beautiful lady, both inside and out, and it was with great delight that we were able to welcome her into the family. Kelly looked absolutely stunning and she put a lot of thought into the day in order to make sure that everyone had a lovely time.

Lily and Emma were set to be bridesmaids, but when it came to it I'm afraid to say that Emma flatly refused to take part. I suspect her shoes were hurting as she kept kicking them off in the church and seemed to cheer up when I put her sandals on at the reception venue. Lily did really well as I know she was a little nervous beforehand. She took a real shine to Kelly's adult bridesmaids, so she was happy to go along with them and sit with them during the ceremony. Tom did a great job helping Mark with his usher duties and looked rather dashing in his little suit.

Emma was unfortunately trying to give a running commentary on the wedding vows, so I had to watch most of the ceremony from behind glass doors at the back of the church. Mark and I were both doing readings, so we had to run and do a quick Emma swap part way through the ceremony so I could do the bible reading. When I finished my reading, I ran back and quickly swapped back again so Mark could take his turn. Fun and games with toddlers!

The reception was held at a nearby golf club. Thankfully the weather stayed dry, but it was very, very cold! The Podlings didn't seem to mind and after the speeches and the meal, they played outside much of the time. They were over the moon when they found a bunker. I think they thought they had stumbled across the world's largest sandpit!

Once the music started playing, Lily and Emma wanted to be on the dance floor and we had a job dragging Lily away at ten. She could have danced all night! Despite the long and exciting day, they all behaved beautifully and I was very proud of them.

Unbelievably I forgot to take my camera to the wedding. I'm someone who takes a camera to the supermarket, so you can imagine how cheesed off I was about this! Thankfully, the wedding photographer was none other than Mark's Uncle Keith. Uncle Keith is a very talented photographer who has been doing wedding photography since before I was born. He did all our wedding photography nine years ago. Uncle Keith graciously gave me permission to use his photos on the blog, so all the photos you see here were taken by him. (Hello Auntie Mary and Uncle was so lovely to see you at the wedding!)

Congratulations Greg and Kelly on your wedding day!
Wishing you every happiness in your future together.

Lily outside the church before the ceremony. Photo Credit: Keith Avard

The start of the ceremony. Photo Credit: Keith Avard

Husband and wife at last! Photo Credit: Keith Avard

The groom's family. Photo Credit: Keith Avard 

Greg is a keen golfer, so we found this photo of the happy couple in a golf cart rather amusing! Photo Credit: Keith Avard 

Lily and Emma were happy to get a chance to sit in the golf carts. Photo Credit: Keith Avard

Whispering sweet nothings in my baby's ear! I love my fascinator! It's a shame I don't get a chance to wear it very often. Photo Credit: Keith Avard

The lovely chocolate wedding cake. It shall remain a source of regret that I didn't manage to get a slice of this lovely looking cake. The Podlings kept me too busy! Photo Credit: Keith Avard

The brothers Mark, Greg and Ryan. Mark is the eldest, but also the shortest of the three of them (although at six foot he is hardly short himself)! Ryan (the youngest of the three) was Greg's best man and gave a fantastic speech. Photo Credit: Keith Avard

Lily and Emma with Uncle Ryan and Auntie Carrie. Carrie is trying to get Emma to turn and face the camera. I'm glad she managed it as at least we now have proof that Emma was there! Emma looked adorable in her bridesmaid outfit, even if she refused to carry out her duties! Photo Credit: Keith Avard

 I love this photo of Mark with Tom and Lily. Tom looked so handsome in his suit. As did Mark in his morning suit for that matter! Photo Credit: Keith Avard

 A rare shot of Uncle Keith (second from left) , the talented wedding photographer. Because he takes the photos, he is never in any of them. I don't think we have any photos of him from our wedding!

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