Friday, 15 June 2012

Coniston Water

Beautiful Coniston Water 

After our Jubilee picnic by Ennerdale Water, we took a scenic drive across the Lakes to Coniston Water. We knew from the weather forecast that of our two full days in the Lake District, only one of them would be dry. We therefore tried to make the most of our one lovely day and stayed by Coniston Water until the sun slipped behind the hills and it started to get decidedly chilly. I love the Lake District so much!

I brought a punnet of cherries for the Podlings to enjoy by the lake and Lily and Emma very quickly had cherry juice smeared all over their faces! 


I love this photo! 

I am not overly fond of this picture of myself, but I have included it anyway. Podheim is our family record and I am working on the assumption that the Podlings might one day like to look back and see the occasional photo of their mother. 

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