Wednesday, 20 June 2012

The Baby Goes to Playgroup

Emma on the slide. We went to the park on the way home from her playgroup session. On an unrelated note, Emma's outfit was made entirely by my talented mother. The dress was made for Lily and now fits Emma and she made the cardigan for Emma and it matches the dress perfectly.

Emma had a 90 minute taster session this morning at the playgroup she will be attending in September. I've never left her with anyone who isn't family before, but if I had any concerns as to how she would cope without me I needn't have worried. She remembered the setting from when we picked up the forms and were shown around a couple of weeks ago, so as soon as she was in the front door she was off. I had a brief chat with the lady who runs the group and then I went to find Emma to say goodbye.

Up to this point, Emma didn't know that I wouldn't be staying with her, but she had no qualms about being left. I explained that she could stay and play if she wanted to and that Mummy would come back later and collect her. She smiled at me cheerily, said 'Bye!", gave me a jaunty wave and didn't give me so much as a backward glance as I left. I dashed home and ran the hoover around. Emma is terrified of the hoover, so I can only vacuum when she is out of the house. Besides, it is hard to notice how quiet the house is over the roar of the Kirby!

When I went to collect her she was sat at a table happily reading a book and didn't even notice I had returned. One of the assistants had to go over and tell her I was back. She came over and leapt up happily into my arms and we walked out with her smothering me in kisses and beaming from ear to ear. She had a great time and it was obviously a really positive first experience of playgroup.

One of my pre-requisites for letting all the Podlings attend playgroup is that they are able to remember what they've been up to and, more importantly, talk about it. That way if they were having any problems, or they just wanted to communicate something about their time away, they could tell me about it. I think it is so important that they are able to do this. Emma has both a fantastic memory and an excellent vocabulary and she has been happily telling anyone who will listen that she played at playgroup today and she told me several times that she had milk to drink. Emma likes her milk! 

She obviously had a whale of a time, which puts my mind at ease about her starting in September. I don't think Emma will have any problems transitioning to playgroup...I'm not sure about me though.

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