Friday, 8 June 2012

A Jubilee Concert

Emma was excited to be going to school for the Jubilee celebrations! 

On the last day of term we were invited to a concert at Tom and Lily's school to celebrate the Queen's diamond jubilee. We were told to bring a picnic and dress in red, white and blue. I made some jubilee fairy cakes and some 'Jubilee Queen' biscuits, which were gingerbread ladies with a diamond motif imprinted on their dresses (I forgot to take a picture of them unfortunately). As far as possible I tried to make everything in our picnic red, white or blue and I even packed some Jubilee food flags to put in the cakes as I handed them out.

The weather stayed dry, so the concert was held outside as planned. Tom and Lily both did brilliantly in their concert and Lily had to dance extra hard as her partner was off sick. She danced her little socks off, bless her! Tom also did really well as he doesn't really enjoy doing these things, but still takes part with good grace. Unfortunately I was too far away to get a good, clear photo of him doing his routine, but I managed to get a rather blurry shot of Lily.

After the concert, the children were allowed to join us on the field for the picnic. Mark's Mum and Dad were able to join us for the afternoon, so we had a lovely time enjoying our Jubilee food together. Emma wasn't too interested in the concert, but she did enjoy exploring the school field and tucked into the picnic. It was a lovely way for the school to celebrate the Jubilee and I'm sure the children will remember it for years to come.

The red, white and blue Jubilee fairy cakes I made for our picnic, with royal icing of course! 

Lily put a lot of energy into her performance 

Tom enjoying the picnic 

Lily wearing her Jubilee skirt. The gazebo in the background was a gift from the Parent-Teachers' Association to the school to commemorate the Diamond Jubilee.

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