Thursday, 21 June 2012

Emma's First Nightdress

Lily is in desperate need of new summer nightdresses. Like me, Lily prefers nightdresses to pyjamas, but nice traditional girls' nightdresses are awfully expensive. I'm afraid I have rather expensive taste! Luckily, I also have a mother who taught me to sew, so I have ordered a pattern and am planning to make Lily and Emma some summer nightdresses. Emma, listening in as I was telling Lily this, got very excited and spent much of the afternoon talking about her nightdress. I simply couldn't get her to understand that Mummy hadn't made it yet.

When it came to bedtime, she flatly refused to get into her pyjamas. "No! No jamas! Want my nightdress!". There was no way she was going to put them on, so I eventually gave in and gave her the pretty nightdress I had intended to give her for her birthday next month. Her reaction was well worth it! She was over the moon and happily paraded around in front of her brother and sister holding out the skirt in elegant fashion. "Is that my nightdress? It's got butterflies! Look, Tom, my nightdress! Look Lily, I got a nightdress!" She was completely enamoured of it!

It's rather long on her, so I'll have to keep a close eye on her when she is wearing it, but she does look adorable! Emma loves pretty dresses, so she was one happy little girl as she went off to bed this evening. I'll just have to make sure she doesn't try climbing the stairs in it!

Emma loves the butterflies on her new nightdress


Hollace said...

Oh, how sweet. Now what will you do for her birthday?

Paula said...

Now that's the question! I'm sure I'll think of something though. I love looking out for something special for their birthdays. I do have time to make something also.

Nightdresses said...

Lovely pictures, she is so cute! :)