Thursday, 14 June 2012

A Jubilee Picnic

We wanted to take advantage of the long Jubilee bank holiday, so the day after Greg and Kelly's wedding we  drove up to the Lake District  for a short holiday. We still wanted to mark the Jubilee even though we were away from home, so we stopped off in Sainsbury's to stock up on picnic food and enjoyed a Jubilee picnic by Ennerdale Water on the Monday afternoon. I tried to pick red, white and blue foods and I brought my trusty Jubilee food flags to stick in the shop-bought cakes to make them look more festive. I actually brought my Jubilee cake stand on holiday with us and carted it along to the waters' edge. We enjoyed our picnic in beautiful surroundings before packing up and heading to another lake for more fun.

The Lake District was wonderfully festive with bunting up everywhere and everyone getting into the spirit of things. On our way back to the hotel in the evening we caught the end of the Jubilee concert on the radio and we even saw one of the many beacons that were lit across the country to celebrate the Queen's diamond jubilee. Always patriotic, I was prouder than ever to be British that weekend.

Tom waving a Union Jack food flag at our Jubilee picnic 

Enjoying doughnuts with red, white and blue sprinkles 

Yes, I took a cake stand on holiday! My husband is rather tolerant of my little foibles!

Enjoying good food and good conversation with my baby! 

Emma is interested in stones at the moment, so you can imagine her delight at finding herself on a pebbled shore. Here she is inspecting a choice specimen! 

Beautiful Ennerdale Water 

My sweet boy 

Good times!

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