Saturday, 28 April 2012

Little Moreton Hall

One of the highlights of my birthday was visiting Little Moreton Hall. The oldest parts of the house were built around 1450 with successive generations of the Moreton family adding to the building until around 1580. The moated property is a fabulous example of Tudor timber framed architecture and a wonder to behold. It has undergone extensive conservation by the National Trust in order to keep the building standing. Quite how it managed to survive so long without collapsing defies logic. The weight of the Long Gallery perched on top of the house causes the entire building to buckle and distort. The Long Gallery itself slopes so much and in so many different directions you actually feel a bit sea sick as you look along its length.

The property is absolutely fascinating and I fell in love with it during our visit. It is only about five miles from where we live, so we will definitely be going back again. I highly recommend a visit to this amazing building if you are in the area.

I loved the wood panelled walls. My money-no-object wall covering of choice would be oak panelling, but sadly money is most definitely an object!

This fireplace in what was a bedroom adjacent to the Long Gallery appears to slope dramatically to the left. In fact, it is the only thing in whole room that is actually level.

The stained glass window in the chapel dates from the early twentieth century 



Ruthie said...

You left me such a lovely comment and I was eager to see what you blog was like - and I love it :) such lovely family photos and moments and you must understand, I looove England and it's really interesting to read about your everyday life there as a stay-at-home mum! :)

Who knows, maybe we'll live in England too one day.. ;)


Rachel said...

Wow...what a wonderful building. The upkeep must be a nightmare with all that buckling!

Looks like you had a great birthday :)

Thanks for your comment on my blog!