Monday, 9 April 2012

Easter dinner

I am very pleased to have my parents staying with us for Easter this year. Our dining room table isn't very large, so the Podlings sat at their little table which we moved into the dining room for the occasion. We had a lovely three course meal, starting with pate for the adults and melon boats for the Podlings. We had a nice roast chicken for the main course and then two desserts, followed by tea and chocolates.

Having dressed Tom in a smart shirt and trousers and put Emma in her best dress, I turned my attentions to the cooking. The two little monkeys took advantage of my less than full attention to disappear off outside to explore the little wooded area in the bottom of our back garden. Naturally this resulted in them turning up for dinner covered in mud and miscellaneous green stains. I'm praying the horrendous green stains all up the arm of Emma's best dress will wash out. Little toads!

The Podlings enjoying their melon boats


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