Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Easter tea

Whilst the three course Easter dinner is popular with the adults, the Podlings are all about the Easter tea. I had to leave out the homemade biscuits this year as Emma's brief illness left me with little free time and rather sleep deprived. A few shop bought biscuits filled the gap and together with homemade fairy cakes and Easter nests, cold chicken and melon we had a nice little spread. Our delicious Thornton's chocolate Easter cake was a gift from Mark's parents (and very nice it was too!). We were all quite full from our dinner, but we managed to make a good dent on our pretty Easter tea.

I wanted to keep 'the reason for the season' in the Podlings' minds, so I made these fairy cake toppers with some foam stickers I had bought for the Podlings to make Easter cards with. Unfortunately, the large crosses meant that I couldn't fit them on the bottom tier of the cake stand, so I had to put them all on the top instead of interspersed with flowers as I had planned. My Mum joked that it looked like a cemetery!

 Chocolate Easter nests are a traditional part of our Easter tea. They look so much better when made with Shredded Wheat, but then the Podlings won't eat them. I made them with Coco Pops this year and there isn't a cake left they were so popular!

 Our tea was presided over my little Easter Bunny. Mark brought her back from a business trip from Germany for me a couple of years ago.


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