Thursday, 26 April 2012

A perfect birthday

My delicious birthday breakfast 

Today I celebrated my 35th birthday and I had the most wonderful day. It started off with a delicious Continental style breakfast of pastries and hot chocolate, served on the best china. After breakfast Emma and I made my birthday cake and we had a lovely time in the kitchen together. Mark's Mum and Dad arrived at lunchtime to take care of Emma and to be here to pick Tom and Lily up from school so that Mark and I could go off and have lunch together. We drove across the Peak District and ate a delicious lunch at the Cat and Fiddle, which is the second highest inn in England. The views as we ate our lunch were amazing.

We stopped off at Little Moreton Hall on the way home. A fabulous example of Tudor architecture, now owned by the National Trust, it is only about ten minutes from where we live. Mark and I had a wonderful time exploring the place. We left there and came home to enjoy a birthday tea with the Podlings and Mark's parents and enjoyed some lovely homemade birthday cake.

I received some lovely cards, including a very pretty handmade parchment card from Mark's aunt which is now taking pride of place on the mantelpiece (thank you Auntie Mary!). I had many lovely gifts, including lots of lovely books and a very delightful floppy straw hat which I can't wait to wear if we ever get any sun! I really had the most delightful day and I'd like to say a big thank you to Mum and Dad P for looking after the Podlings so that Mark and I could have such a lovely afternoon together.

My adorable kitchen assistant 

Emma loves baking cakes 

Me and my littlest Podling 

I took a couple of pictures of the Peak District on our way back from our meal at the Cat and Fiddle 

We are lucky to live so near such beautiful countryside 

Little Moreton Hall. I loved this building! I took quite a few pictures here, so I will dedicate a post to it later in the week.  

A birthday tea with my three favourite little people 

My homemade birthday cake. My usual Victoria sponge with white chocolate on top and decorated with pink chocolate buttons and sugar roses. It had to be roses!

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Fi said...

(Belated) happy birthday! Glad you got to spend some time on your own!