Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Teacher gifts

It goes to show how behind I am with updating the blog in that I am only now showing you Tom and Lily's end of year teacher gifts and they have been on holiday for a week! My splendid lack of planning had me making and icing these fairy cakes very late the evening before the Podlings' last day of term. The photo doesn't quite do the cakes justice as I took the photo at about midnight so the light was bad and I can't get the colours right on my photo editing programme. I used some baskets and paper 'grass' I had on hand and quickly made some gift tags to tie on them. The effect was somewhat spoilt by the necessity of having to cling film the baskets to stop overenthusiastic Podlings tipping the cakes onto the floor before they got to the classroom! From what the children tell me, the fairy cakes were well-received by the teachers, with the headteacher making the effort to go and thank Lily personally for them.

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