Friday, 26 August 2011

Ashdown Forest and Poohsticks Bridge

Ashdown Forest, near Poohsticks Bridge 

We ended our visit to Sussex with a visit to Ashdown Forest. A.A. Milne fans may know this is the real name of Hundred Acre Wood, where Winnie the Pooh and his friends had their adventures. By the time we reached the forest, Emma had given up and fallen asleep, so Mark stayed with her in the car and I took Tom and Lily on the walk through the woods to Poohsticks Bridge. When Mark and I came here B.P (Before Podlings), we struggled to find any sticks near the bridge, so this time we had the foresight to gather a bag of sticks at Wakehurst Place. The Podlings and I enjoyed a lovely woodland walk and had great fun playing Poohsticks. We snacked on some ripe blackberries we found by the path before heading back to the car and the long drive home.

Pooh Corner in Hartfield, the village where A.A. Milne lived.

Tom and Lily in Ashdown Forest, or Hundred Acre wood as they persisted in calling it.

On Poohsticks Bridge

 Before playing our first game of Poohsticks

 Playing Poohsticks

The path near the bridge was lined with wildflowers and was quite breathtaking.

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