Thursday, 8 September 2011

Tearing my hair out...

...because I have about a million pictures from our holiday that I want to post, but I can't find my card reader anywhere so I can't get them off the camera!

We had a lovely time in Scotland and are now back home and slowly settling back into the school routine. I have almost caught up with the pile of laundry we brought back with us, but somehow while I was tending to that and the Podlings somebody set off a stuff bomb in the kitchen, which is now a complete disaster area! Oh, well...I'll get there in due course!

Tom and Lily both have new teachers this year, so there is bound to be a period of adjustment as they start the new school year. As usual Tom seems to have taken it all in his stride. Tom is quite a pragmatic individual and just gets on with things he knows he can't change. It will take a little longer for Lily, who likes nothing more than being home with her mummy. It will take me a little while to settle in to the new school year too...the early starts after our lazy holiday mornings are not exactly welcome to someone who is not a morning person at the best of times. I'm exhausted!

I hope to be able to share some (lots!) of our holiday photos when I either find my card reader or buy a new one. In the meantime, I think I'll make a decaffeinated tea and have an early night. I'm reading through the Anne of Green Gables series for the umpteenth time (any kindred spirits reading the blog?) and I want to make a good start on Anne of the Island before I settle down for the night.

Good night all!

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Fi said...

Haven't you got a card-reader slot in a laptop you could use? Or a cable to connect camera to PC? I realise you have probably considered these options, so sorry for patronising you! Glad you had a good holiday, look forward to seeing the photos. I am trying to update my blog too - PC was clogged up with photos and didn't want to run so it has taken me a while to find time to sort it. Getting there slowly!