Sunday, 11 September 2011

Day the first - Rain!!

Our first full day in the Highlands was also the one with the worst weather. It was cold, wet and windy and since we were all tired from travelling the two days before, we decided to just stay in the lodge and enjoy an opportunity to do nothing for a change. Weather notwithstanding, Lily was keen to go for a walk and, since I am not averse to a walk in the rain myself, we donned our wellies in the afternoon and went wandering in the nearby woods. We enjoyed our little walk, just the two of us, and spent a happy hour spotting mushrooms and toadstools in the woods. Lily had brought a toy camera with her and was happily pretending to take photos in the woods. She was thrilled when I allowed her to take a couple of pictures with my 'real' camera. She has a very steady hand and took surprisingly good pictures for her age. We were a little damp when we got back to the lodge, but we soon warmed up with some hot chocolate. I enjoyed spending some special time with my little Lily Boo.


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