Friday, 16 September 2011

Black Isle Wildlife Park

Like most children, the Podlings love animals, so we thought they would enjoy a visit to Black Isle Wildlife Park. It was the first day of our holiday that we were able to venture out without coats and we were grateful for the warmer weather as we wandered round the park and enjoyed the animals. We had a lovely time and we all particularly enjoyed seeing the newly hatched quail chicks running around. My Dad once told me that quail chicks look like bumble bees running around on two legs and he wasn't wrong!

 Lily and Emma loved the goats, but Tom said he didn't like their eyes and stayed clear of them.

This wallaby came right up to the fence in front of us. He was so cute!

 Lily likes to ride in the pushchair when she gets the chance. Emma was glad of the company!

 These baby alpaca looked so soft I can see why their wool is sought after. I wanted to go home wearing one!

Tom is going through a pirate phase at the moment, so he was thrilled with this large ship in the park's play area. Apparently when he grows up he is going to be a pirate and he says he is going to live in Somalia because he has somehow heard that there are pirates there. He assures us he is going to be a good pirate though. I'm picturing a sort of Robin Hood of the high seas! Apparently being a pirate is going to keep him busy as he tells me he won't be able to come and visit me. Luckily, Lily tells me she is going to be a mermaid when she grows up and she has promised to bring me messages from Tom's pirate ship!

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