Monday, 12 September 2011

John o'Groats

We were staying a mere 80 miles away from the top of Scotland, so it seemed a shame not to drive up there and see John o'Groats, the most northerly settlement in mainland Britain. We enjoyed a scenic drive, stopping to stretch our legs briefly in Dunbeath and again for lunch in Wick. On a side note, if you have children and you are looking for somewhere to eat in Wick then you might want to check out Morag's Cafe. The food is good (and homemade), it is really family friendly and there is a small ball pool and some games at the back where the little ones can play while you are waiting for food to arrive. The Podlings loved it there.

We arrived in John o'Groats around six o'clock, so it was nice and quiet. It was also very windy and bitterly, bitterly cold. Did I mention it was cold? Although there isn't really anything there, it is one of those places you have to visit just to say you've been there. And now we have!

 Dunbeath Harbour where we stopped to stretch our legs on our way North.

 The Last House in Scotland

 Tom in front of John o'Groats harbour

A view along the coast

John o'Groats House - a prime example of what not to do to a beautiful old building in need of love and restoration. What possessed them to paint this lovely old building in such a grotesque fashion is beyond my understanding.

It might have been late, but the gift shop was still open. Here is Mark sporting his newly acquired Tam O'Shanter. A gentleman can never have too many hats!

 Tom and Nanna

 Emma demonstrating how windy it was!

After ewe!
Duncansby Head lighthouse, the most north-easterly point in mainland Britain (John o'Groats is only the most northern settlement)

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